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Xerox copiers why change after new cartridges and chip capacity is not 100%?

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
Based on the experience of perennial customer feedback: xerox copies the opportunity to have a small chance to replace new cartridges and chip computer, chip capacity is not 100%, some even are submitted to the state of low.

100% chip capacity state

normally, the customer is in the machine can be replaced after the prompt replacement new cartridges cartridges, when installing new cartridges and chip computer, the machine will first identify the chip is correct, then the machine start to supply the drums developer with carbon powder. This part is very critical, if to the developer to fill powder on the fill time is too long or not will lead to abnormal cartridges chip.

abnormal situation has the following three types of

1, abnormal chip capacity dropped to below 100%, no fixed value;

2, prepare spares chip capacity fell to 25%, in the lower status;

3, machine hint 'replace the toner cartridge';

original chip contrast test

the tester: the noble test engineer

test purposes: to verify whether the chip causes


Step1: will a new original chip installed into an empty cartridges, after the installation of computer machine prompt 'replace the toner cartridge', for machine 2 minutes, machine, or a prompt 'replace the toner cartridge';

Step2: pull compact pumping out, then computer installation, machine, or a prompt the same error message.

Step3: removed the cartridges chip, installed on a powder compact, after the success of the computer for the machine to fill powder, view the consumables information, only 25% of capacity and prompt prepare spares, low is submitted to the state.

so why install new cartridges and computer chips, chip capacity is 100%? Roughly the following several reasons.
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