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Xerox c525A printer to print color piece blank - on the right Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
Phenomenon description: type a xerox c525A printer, print color piece on the right side of the blank.
failure analysis: this question in xerox c525A more common hitches and Epson c1100 printer. This type of laser is under developing rotating components. If not properly installed cartridges, the right side of the cartridges will be covering part of the laser beam, the laser beam can't completely irradiation on the photosensitive drum, of course, there will be a print blank. Blank Spaces appear on the right because of installing a powder compact, installs, the left side of the first card in place, the right to pack, and downward spiral powder storehouse lever to open the mouth. When open the powder outlet on the right side is the need to force, it can make the powder position sometimes happen deviation, resulting in failure of the above.
processing methods: reinstall powder storehouse.
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