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Working principle of the drum unit - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
When laser printers start work, the charging roller in the drum to the photosensitive drum charging, external surface of the photosensitive drum is evenly filled with negative charge; Then according to the need of laser emission laser laser scanning system, reached after a series of reflectors on the photosensitive drum organic photoconductive materials. - make that point conductor, leaving the belt 100 v voltage image point; And not under laser still have electricity charge, so the surface of the homemade drum unit is formed by the charge of latent image. Then when the photosensitive drum surface with charge after magnetic roller. Has the part of the charge on the photosensitive drum adsorption toner particles on the magnetic roller, and then typed in as you go through the photosensitive drum with toner, toner on the surface of the photosensitive drum were drawn to the printed page, the image is on the heat transfer to the surface of the printing paper.
drum unit at the same time in the component on the photosensitive drum scraper will photosensitive drum residual toner clean, keep the photosensitive drum clean, prevent the residual in the toner on the photosensitive drum was taken to the next print cycle, affect the print quality.
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