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Why print all _ printer out white paper is white - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07

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检查快门是否打开,反射镜片是否破 碎或错位






检查激光机器机械快门是否打开。 To prevent leakage, laser scanning component has a mechanical shutter. After the drum unit into the printer, mechanical shutter is open, laser beam 丨 ^ & other; & ^ 秄 to scan mirror, again by scan mirror was carried out on the photosensitive drum exposure. If the mechanical shutter lever damage or drums into stem damage, the shutter can't open, photosensitive drum is no & amp; Recommend her light guide information, a sample of the output will be a piece of blank paper. The problem of general maintenance and repair method is to repair the shutter lever or drum kit sinker bar.
drum unit can't discharge is the replay cause of print all white, drum core is not grounded, after laser irradiation position cannot be put off charge, no electrostatic latent image formation, with no exposure, so will not adsorption toner.
drum damage is one of the reasons for the print all white, in the first place in a drum unit, if the problem solved, can replace the drum unit or repair the drum unit ( Drum core is damaged, replace. Enhancement magnetic roller damage, especially after the drums plus powder, at the time of installation enhancement magnetic roller, often damage the enhancement magnetic roller charge electrodes, make show fine roll not electricity, cause print all white, repair or replacement) 。 Drum unit within the high voltage contact/grounding contact - as shown in figure 2 1. If confirm the drum unit is good, you can check within the printer to recharge the enhancement magnetic roller contact & rsquo; As shown in figure 2 - 2.
pass the inspection were not found the problem and the fault is still, to check whether the laser itself is damaged, or the laser driver circuit malfunction, if this part of the fault will be 5 soldiers and light detector or replace the mainboard.
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