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Why print all black - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
The poor quality of printing image refers to the printers can finish the whole production process. And the content of the output on the printing paper poor quality a little defective. According to the seven steps of print imaging to analyze the problem of judgement, in order to find the cause of the failure, a method to solve the problem.
the following the most typical and common print quality problems, for example, analyze the fault phenomenon, find out the possible failure of components, as well as the methods to eliminate.
a. Print all black

figure like

failure source elimination method

all black

wire electrode charging or charging roller

clean or replace the

between the drum and the printer contact


laser control


high pressure plate


the main pull


analysis /
print all black has two possible: one kind is drum drum core don't charge it with electricity; The other is a laser scanning head is out of control, to drum full scan.
if the charging roller the recharge drum core on electricity, drum core is integral with the opposite charge and carbon powder, and in contact with the enhancement of roll, it will complete the adsorption toner, cause all black. Try it in the first place in a drying drum, if the problem solved, proved selenium drum, can replace or repair ( Can be replaced or charging roller drum core:) 。 If confirm the drum unit is good, may be charging on the printer contact with selenium drum poor contact, can clean the contacts. On the use of wire electrode charging drum unit, if the wire electrode. Insulation with anxious burnt phenomenon, can use a multimeter electric block between measuring wire electrode and reseau, to see if the short circuit, if the resistance is small or short circuit, clean or replace the wire electrode. Clean printer and internal contact contact, and changed in drums, if still cannot solve the problem is to replace high pressure plate.
check if the above are in good condition, then the fault may be occur within the scanning component of high frequency laser drive circuit or logic circuit, a laser 丨 scanning components should be replaced or motherboard.
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