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Why on the drum core with carbon powder on the drum core and how to clean up drum unit knowledge

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Drum core why stained with carbon powder on the drum core powder on how to clean up the

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abstract: the core parts of the drum core is shock machine core role is through the static adsorption of carbon powder, and form a sufficient observed on the drum core image drum to the naked eye. Carbon powder on the drum core usually has the following reasons: on the drum core can stick sticky substance, such as grease, etc. ; Irrigation powder didn't fill well; Carbon powder quality is bad. Waste powder scraper has a problem, Such as scratch, aging, etc. ) ; Powder storehouse scraper has a problem; Drum core have bumps. Below understand drum core together with powdered carbon cleaning method.

a, what is drum core

drum core, namely the OPC is organic photoconductor ( 有机光电导体) Abbreviations, also known as the photosensitive drum. OPC drum is the use of OPC material coated in conductive aluminum tube surface and form a photoelectric conversion device, its characteristic is in the dark is an insulator, to maintain a certain static charges, when a certain wavelengths of light exposure, become a conductor, through the aluminum base release charge, electrostatic latent image formation, it is the core of the excited playing machine parts.

why on the drum core with carbon powder and the treatment method of

1, drum core can stick sticky substance, such as grease, etc.

solution: with a clean soft cloth to wipe the drum core can.

2, powder didn't fill good

solution: be careful to fill powder, don't add too much at a time.

3, carbon powder quality is bad,

solution: select good quality toner.

4, waste powder scraper has a problem, Such as scratch, aging, etc. )

solution: replace the corresponding parts.

5, scraper powder storehouse have problems

solution: replace the corresponding parts.

6, drum core has injured

solution: replace the corresponding parts.

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3, how to change the drum core

1, don't touch the OPC drum surface.

2, it is forbidden to use chemical reagent ( Such as alcohol) Wipe the surface of OPC drum.

3, don't use hard object impact OPC drum surface.

4, be careful not to let the staples such as office supplies with the print medium into the printer.

5, and remove the drum unit from the machine or take off after the OPC drum should avoid light place, it is best to cover newspaper or other things.

4, printer, the performance of the drum is broken

1, print documents, and on the drum core at the same time appear more than 1 cm wide longitudinal Mafia, too: it's scraper has a problem, cause rod powder on the core is not clean.

2, print documents on the longitudinal fine black: usually scraper and small on the edge of the scraper blade glued on the dirty things or cabinet.

3, print documents appear in the transverse Mafia: usually inside the drum magnetic rod product powder, turn down several times.

4, if the print file on obvious bottom ash: usually drum core or carbon powder out of the question.

5, print documents uneven color, show the famous white: magnetic rod from the outside can not see carbon powder, if see magnetic stick on some places there are pink, some places have no powder, show that the drum unit carbon powder to run out.

6, if the printer with a piece of white paper: first check printer do you have any questions, if no problem, then drum unit during assembly out of the question.
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