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Wholesale ricoh push European recycling drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
Recently, the wholesale ricoh toner cartridge unit according to its recycling program every day to deal with 350 cases of recycling the request. Had recycling in Europe for more than four million pieces of toner cartridge unit spare parts, components and accessories. Ricoh recycling center recycling more than 180 tons of raw materials, recyclable in multiple industries including metal, plastic and cardboard, etc. Ricoh the recycling project has two main parts: replacement parts for the customer; Provide parts maintenance and other technical services, at the same time, customers can online search to the related logistics services. Ricoh sales company and its engineers in Europe by local recycling center internal network available equipment parts processing cycle. In addition, to great extent and recycling, the available materials and reduce regional not recycled material transport costs, ricoh also launched a ricoh asset management system ( RAMS) , real-time monitoring of the collected materials, can effectively guarantee the nearest from the customer to collect recyclable materials such as spare parts.
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