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Wholesale office drum unit of choose and buy skills

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
General drum unit when consumer is in the office drum unit of choose and buy wholesale products should pay attention to the following skills: ( A) To the normal drum agencies to choose products, formal agencies can guarantee the quality of products, and provide good after-sales service. ( 2) To check the product label. Printing and office drum unit logo should include: 1. Product name, producer name and address; 2. The name of the product suitable model, category; 3. Net content; 4. Manufacture, batch number, production date, validity or failure; 5. Product standard number; 6. The symbol content such as qualified product. ( 3) Should choose according to the need of printed text, images, etc fit drum unit products. ( 4) Original drums and general toner cartridge unit selection. Original toner cartridge unit are of good quality, but the price is quite high; General drum unit has high cost performance, and some well-known brands of printing effect is not inferior to original drum drum unit products, consumers can choose according to their own needs.
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