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Wholesale office drum unit of choose and buy of common sense

by:Colorunion     2020-09-15
Consumer is when the office drum unit of choose and buy wholesale products wholesale office toner cartridge unit of choose and buy: (common sense should be paid attention to A) To regular office drum unit wholesale agency to choose and buy products, formal agencies can guarantee the quality of products, and provide good after-sales service. ( 2) To check the product label. Printing and office toner cartridge unit logo should include: 1. Product name, producer name and address; 2. The name of the product suitable model, category; 3. Net content; 4. Manufacture, batch number, production date, validity or failure; 5. Product standard number; 6. The symbol content such as qualified product. ( 3) Should choose according to the need of printed text, images, etc fit drum unit products. ( 4) Original office drum unit wholesale and general office drums wholesale options. Original drum unit are of good quality, but the price is quite high; General drum unit has high cost performance, and some well-known brands of printing effect is not inferior to original toner cartridge drum unit products, consumers can choose according to their own needs.
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