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what to look for when buying printer ink cartridges

by:Colorunion     2020-10-12
There are several different types of printer cartridges.
Most printer manufacturers customize their own cartridges
It was made to suit the various models they made.
So even though the basic features are the same, the Canon cartridge will be different from the HP thinkjet cartridge.
The way it works the ink cartridge is basically a replaceable sealing unit, which contains the specially processed ink used by the printer during the work.
The cartridge usually contains one or more Partition cartridges.
Some newer cartridges also contain the print head itself and electronic chips that can communicate with the printer to improve efficiency and accuracy.
In terms of cartridges, there are basically two core designs, thermal and piezoelectric.
Most printers for home or commercial use, such as LaserJet M1212nf, use hot inkjet cartridges.
The cartridges of these cartridges contain a heating element that is equipped with a small metal plate or resistor on each partition.
After the printer starts, the current starts to flow through the resistance plate for one minute, causing the resistance plate to heat up.
This in turn causes the ink around the plate to evaporate into tiny bubbles inside the nozzle.
At this point, the total volume of the ink will exceed the volume of the nozzle, and the ink drop will be squeezed out of the cartridge nozzle onto the paper.
It is important to keep in mind that the ink in the thermal inkjet printer also acts as a coolant to protect the heating element, thus playing a dual role.
This makes the cartridge have to be refilled or replaced once the ink supply runs out to avoid damaging the print head.
In the case of a piezoelectric printer, the nozzle contains a piezoelectric crystal that replaces the heating element.
When powered on, the crystals change their shape or size, thus forcing the ink to flow out of the nozzle.
The type of printer ink is critical for users to know exactly what to buy when the cartridge runs out.
There are three main ink filling bags on the market.
First of all, of course, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
Ink cartridges made up of companies-
Production of refill for each printer model.
These printer cartridges are sold directly by various printer manufacturers such as Canon, HP, Epson, etc.
Although the quality is often high, they are the oldest and most expensive type of refill available.
The second type of cartridge is a compatible cartridge.
They were made in the third place.
Party companies that do not carry the original brand name.
Nevertheless, they are made specifically to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are of substantially the same quality.
Most importantly, their cost is only a fraction of the price of the original equipment manufacturer.
Finally, you have re-manufactured or refurbished cartridges consisting of OEM or compatible cartridges that have been charged after use.
The price is between the other two options, and the refurbished cartridges are very popular among eco-friendly users.
In summary, customers need to be careful when choosing printer cartridges, as they may end up buying cartridges that are not compatible with a specific model.
For example, HP printers will use laser cartridges such as CE285A or HP 85A, but another company may not be able to use a printer of a similar model.
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