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What's the difference between the original drum and compatible drum unit carbon powder

by:Colorunion     2020-09-15
Through above original drum unit and compatible with selenium drum printing and copying out proof, you are the in the mind is clear enough? Why the difference between original and compatible drum unit to be so high? The author for everyone to do the original toner cartridge parsing and compatible with selenium drum carbon powder technology. Original toner cartridge unit adopts spherical carbon powder chemical synthesis, low melting point, small particles and uniform distribution, accurately attached on the paper when printing, imaging for clear sharp words and images in the transitional nature, achieve consistently high quality printing. Instead of the original type toner cartridge unit using traditional grinding powdered carbon, high melting point, uneven distribution of particles is bulky and, unable to accurate positioning, output text edge blur. Not fully heated, in print on paper adhesion is not strong, often leaking carbon powder, not only affects the print quality, also waste a lot of carbon powder, also easy to cause drum unit fault. By comparing the above original drum unit and not original drum unit output, can realize the huge difference of the two directly. Original drum unit to print documents, writing clear and sharp, gray transition nature, while color image color real and full of impact. Non-genuine drums while claims to achieve the quality of the original, but the actual often appear when printed in black and white document blur, gray transition is not natural, has the obvious gray spots and stripes, is often appear color color document, and print quality with the increase perform a significant decline. Is original and compatible drum unit is not only a significant difference between the two, technically in cost, print runs, stability, health and environmental protection this several big aspects, also has the obvious distinguish, next to you in detail.
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