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what makes printer ink cartridges so expensive?

by:Colorunion     2020-10-14
Inkjet cartridges are at the heart of inkjet printers, but have you ever wondered why they are so expensive?
The cost of the printer manufacturer\'s original printer cartridge is almost the same as the printer (
In fact, sometimes they cost more! )
Even compatible cartridges are not cheap.
In fact, there are more inconspicuous cartridges than you might see.
First of all, the quality of the ink is crucial.
When your photo has a specific tone of red, blue, or gold;
You want to print exactly the same color on paper.
It doesn\'t make any sense, it\'s just a little closer, and any minor changes are greatly amplified when the colors are mixed to get the subtones.
The color used in inkjet cartridges must be accurate to 100%, and more importantly, each cartridge of each printer must be consistent, so what is printed on one cartridge looks the same as what is printed on the other cartridge.
Some cartridges also have an actual print head built into them, which adds extra cost as this is the main feature part of the printer.
Well-compatible cartridges must copy these electronic print heads to exactly the same specifications as the original manufacturer and copy any other electronic products they put in, such as counting chips.
Sometimes the better question may not be \"How expensive is the printer cartridge?
\"This may also be\" how is the printer cartridge so cheap?
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