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What is the difference between compatible with drums and filling selenium drum

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
is a toner cartridge drum unit, also is the indispensable components, it should be from what Angle to save costs, the following is a drum manufacturers drum unit technical experts explain for everybody compatible with drums and what is the difference between filling selenium drum? Generally speaking, users buy filling selenium drum or compatible cartridge again the main reason is that they are cheap, think that you can save a lot of cost. We know, the price of the drum unit is an important printing costs, but not influence the total cost of the user. If only by the single page of the purchase price calculated printing costs for evaluating drums or substitute index, it is greatly underestimated the total cost of the printing, which can lead to incorrect purchase decisions. In fact, the choice of the drum unit should consider many potential factors affect the total cost of the printing: under various conditions, the real print the pages; The reliability of the drum and the drum unit and the number of out of order; The service cost and warranty cost; Productivity ( The hassle from angry users and telephone) ; Print your document to spend time and money, etc. Printing cost is not equal to drum unit price, therefore, must from the selenium drum, drum unit, and print media of printing system consisting of Angle to the total costs of the printing system. Including adding new carbon powder filling selenium drum, when added to the purchase of powdered carbon cap and screw off the seal bottle, the carbon powder slowly pour the drum unit carbon powder compact, until add full. The carbon powder into carbon in order to avoid carbon dust outside, can use the printer paper pad in the carbon powder compact, easy to add powder carbon powder compact. Waste toner after adding carbon powder compact and compact cover screw down the screws. Then with a clean brush or soft cloth to wipe the drums around the carbon powder. Before the drum unit put into drums, about shaking drum unit by hand, and make the carbon powder in the drum unit uniform distribution, so that later can normal print. Well, after the above operations, has been for selenium drum filling toner. Then according to remove the steps to install the parts back to the laser drum unit. That is compatible with drums and the basic difference between filling selenium drum.
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