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What is the carbon powder

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
Toner ( Also known as the carbon powder) The main component of carbon, while most of the agent is made from resin and carbon black, charge, magnetic powder, etc. Toner by high temperature melting into the paper fiber, resin was oxidized into gas with a pungent odor, this is what we call 'ozone. This gas is only one good, is to protect the earth, reduce the harm of radiation from the sun. Itself is no good to human body, can cause stimulation to the human body mucous membrane, easy to increase the incidence of asthma or nose allergy, or even the phenomenon such as dizziness, vomiting.

many drums in original toner after use, the user can use again after adding, so also is to have separate toner for sale on the market. By adding toner by oneself, will reduce the use of the user toner cartridge unit costs. Because the drum unit belongs to the sealing of the one-time toner cartridge unit, to add toner would destroy the drum sealing powder leakage phenomenon, toner particles is generally to the micron to the unit of measurement, if scattered in the air is invisible, making use of environment and office environment pollution, cause the PM2. 5.

carbon powder, the purpose of the

in selenium toner cartridge machinery is mainly used in laser toner cartridge again.

carbon powder production methods

according to different requirements, the carbon powder production to develop in the direction of refinement, color and high speed. Carbon powder manufacturing mainly adopts FenSuiFa and polymerization:

1, the polymerization

polymerization is a kind of fine chemical toner technology, it including, Suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization, with detail capsule, dispersion polymerization, compression polymerization, chemical pieces. )

polymerization in the liquid phase is completed, can create a lower melting temperature of the carbon powder, can satisfy the requirement of the modern technology of energy saving and environmental protection. By adjusting the dosage of dispersants, stirring speed, the polymerization time and the concentration of the solution to control the carbon powder particle size, achieve homogeneous, good color, high transparency. Polymerization produced carbon powder has good grain shape, fine particle size, narrow particle size distribution and good liquidity. Can meet the modern printing technology such as high speed, high resolution, color requirements.

polymerization toner process:

( Resin monomer, pigment, dispersing agent, other reagent) →( Ultrasonic dispersion) →( Water, dispersing agent) →( Whisk together) →( Aggregation) →( Washing) →( Filtration separation) →( Dry) →( Post-processing) →( The finished product)

polymerization toner used widely, because of the high cost, mainly used in the production of color toner.

polymerization toner because of its large investment, investment in hundreds of millions of yuan or so commonly. Only a small number of international companies have production capacity: Japan's CANON, KONICA, MINOLTA, FUJI, the United States Companies such as XEROX company has production capacity, but the demand of the colored toner below expectations, companies are not currently in full production.

2, FenSuiFa

FenSuiFa throughout the production process flow is:

( Material selection) →( Material inspection) →( Ingredients) →( Premixed) →( Mixing extrusion) →( Grinding classification) →( Post-processing) →( The finished product) →( Inspection) →( Partial shipments)

carbon powder is used in great quantities in the processing industry is making the carbon powder FenSuiFa.

FenSuiFa can produce suitable dry electrostatic photocopying toner: including a two-component carbon powder and one-component carbon powder ( Including magnetic and non-magnetic two) 。 Because of its developing process, mechanism of charged is different, its composition proportion of ingredients are also different.
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