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What is a good brand homemade drum unit - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
Homemade drum unit has many brands, such as case of lattice, tianwei, graces, cheng feng, etc. If say homemade drum unit what brand is good, it's hard to say. Because homemade drum unit is a substitute for the original drum unit, and it is often said that is compatible with selenium drum, if the single from the print resolution, homemade drum unit print resolution are equal, it is difficult to clear which brand is good. So when choosing which brand of selenium drum, best again from other considerations, such as price and after-sales service. If combined with price and after-sales, here you can choose cheng feng 'brand drum unit, because in the case of the same quality, its price and after-sales service is good, can at any time if any quality problem baotuibaohuan.
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