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Western Europe drum unit in the second quarter of the overall market decline

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
IDC survey drums and multifunctional drum unit in the second quarter of 2015 Western Europe market as a whole. Shipment volumes fell by 2. 6%, sales of 4. 79 million. In addition, inkjet and laser drum unit shipments are not significant. Due to the multi-function laser selenium toner cartridge market growth stimulation, western drums market overall revenue increased by 6. 6%. From the point of each segment of the market, commercial inkjet cartridge again in the second quarter of the market rose 16. 3%, good development momentum. Multifunctional drum unit to 21. The growth rate of 9% is, shipments of total shipments of 79. 8%. Commercial inkjet market, the share of 31 in Germany. 6%, followed by Britain and France. Multifunctional toner cartridge unit shipments increased, but fell 16 drum market. 6%. Although laser down 5 drums market as a whole. 5%, but laser multi-function drum unit 2. Growth of 5%, which increased by 6 color laser multi-function drum unit. Down 0 3%, black and white laser multi-function drum unit. 9%. In contrast to the growth trend of A3 model product, in the second quarter dropped 2 A4 type toner cartridge unit. 9%. IDC Western Europe imaging, hardware equipment and document research analyst DelphineCarnet commented: 'after consecutive quarters of positive growth in the second quarter of Western Europe drum market began to decline. Earlier, IDC had predicted the decline, and predicts that in 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, after the rapid development of drum unit will slow the development of the market. ”
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