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Use drums wholesale white stripes or handwriting becomes shallow

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
unit becomes shallow, or print with the text appear white stripe is a very common thing, I think it is every office staff may be encountered. When faced with such a question? Now focus on drums manufacturers wholesale manufacturer of selenium drum drum unit factory to tell you how to solve this problem. In general drum unit soon to be life, will lead to print a white stripe or handwriting becomes shallow, so need to shake drums in the rest of the carbon powder, can temporarily to improve printing quality, specific operation method is as follows: 1. Open the front cover, take out the drum unit. 2. Thoroughly shake toner cartridge unit 5 to 6 times, make carbon powder evenly distributed in drums. 3. Holding the drum unit handles, the insert drum drum opening slowly. 4. After close the front cover, ensure that the lid shut. Through the above steps, you can solve the problem of printing handwriting becomes shallow, but there are exceptions, this time you need to replace the drum unit.
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