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Use drums should pay attention to three questions

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
Is developing rapidly in recent years, ink-jet cartridge again, has become a household drum unit the mainstream of the market, its core components - — unit is in use process will often appear this or that problem, mainly is the print heads were choked up with ink blot, brought trouble and inconvenience to the user.

correct choose

when selecting a drum drum unit must choose brand, because the brand drums have quality assurance, original drum unit is great, but its price is generally expensive, average household consumers tend to be unbearable. Now, Chinese brand general drum unit of quality and technology has greatly improved, and there was no difference in the original drum unit a few, and the price is only 60% of the original toner cartridge unit - 70%.

drum unit maintenance problems mainly concentrated in the ink and the nozzle. Inkjet selenium drum ink amount is relatively large, after using a long time, the ink on the nozzle and printed images have been affected. Nozzle work long time accumulation of wear and tear and spot also affects the quality of printing image. Therefore, the correct selection and use of ink and the correct maintenance of the nozzle, is the key to lengthen the service life of the inkjet drums and drums. In use process, will make the new drums, fitted to cleaning the print head, so I can put the residual in the original ink wash inside the nozzle, avoid new ink and ink chemical reaction to produce spot, so that the plug nozzle. If such as HP and Canon selenium drum drum unit of the nozzle will save clean print nozzle this tedious procedure and waste of ink.

if the ink in the drum unit after use, you want to save printing costs, using filling ink, in so doing, would be tantamount to quench thirst, although at a relatively low price bought ink can also be used, but greatly harm the drum unit 'health'. There is no guarantee that the quality of the first filling ink and chemical composition of unstable and may react with the rest of the original ink, generate toxic chemical hazards to the environment and the health of consumers. Second filling ink viscosity, density and other physical performance is very different from the original ink, the print will appear when the plug nozzle, ink, ink and color printing defects such as unstable phenomenon, the serious influence to printing quality and the printing speed. In addition, when toner cartridge stopped after a period of time, the remaining ink would erode drum unit associated with other system components, such as with the server cover pen rubber produces chemical reaction, corrosion cover plastic pen, oxidation of the conductive piece of the print head, etc. , make whole drums losing its printing performance, affect the service life of the drum unit.

attentive 'caress'

how to properly maintain the print head? The print head due to long-term use of drum unit most easily becomes 'fatigue', print time is too long, ink improper use, or for a long time on the plug nozzle. Using poor quality of the selenium drum, of course, can also cause nozzle clogging and affect the print quality, serious when even cause the entire print head scrap. Although the manufacture technology of the print head is fine, but its structure is not complicated. Direct contact with the print medium plane was covered with many small round hole, and insert the nozzle drum unit connected to the nozzle, the nozzle between the nozzle and spray holes all round, often stuck with impurities and strong adhesion of ink ink blot, just remove the impurities and ink blot, the print head can restore normal print function.

most of the seemingly has scrapped the print head, is only the nozzle blocked and unable to work, simply rinse can restore its printing function. For normal print, but lack of strokes or colour, or under the high resolution image fuzzy this slight congestion, generally adopt the drums with nozzle cleaning procedures can be solved. For very frequently in the process of printing ink or wash ink filling hole, but the print effect is still poor or print nozzle serious jam, machine can not filling ink, or drums 'refused to work', then can only use manual cleaning method. Manual cleaning method is not complicated, but need to remove the print heads, washing time and not too often. Manual cleaning method is to use a syringe to spray cleaning fluid injection hole, may, when necessary, with hard plastic knife scrape the remains of the spray hole, careful not to electrodes in processing polluted.

a good 'home'

good use environment can not only make the drum unit 'in peace', but also can let the drum unit works normally. For the nozzle design color inkjet cartridge again inside the drum unit, such as HP and Canon drums and drums shall be placed in dry, clean environment, avoid more dust drum unit small nozzle. If too wet drum unit work environment, not only the inkjet cartridge again some parts could be affected by corrosion, even the drum unit print nozzle are no protection from corrosion. And the work environment changes too fast, or parts of thermal expansion will cause excessive wear on the mechanical parts, especially the drum unit of plastic components and the change of the nozzle aperture will affect the effect of printing.

users only treated like a child, 'care' it carefully, toner cartridge unit to perform its normal function, otherwise such as plug nozzle, ink, ink and color printing defects such as unstable phenomenon 'and' you don't put.
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