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Use drums process should pay attention to matters

by:Colorunion     2020-09-18
Do you know? Laser selenium drum toner cartridge, a very important part of the stand or fall of selenium drum structure not only affects the quality of the print, also affect the life of the drum unit printing costs. So in the use of drum unit process should pay attention to what issues? Selenium drum manufacturers drums manufacturers to introduce the toner cartridge unit in use process pay attention to the following: 1, drums stored in the normal environment ( The normal temperature often wet) 2, drums during use to avoid direct sunlight and away from heat, Such as heating and steam pipe) Conditions such as 3, according to drums on package specified in the direction of the display ( Arrow up) 4, drums as stored in warehouse, workshop, understanding the phenomenon: after open the packing, drum unit, such as exposed to bright light, photosensitive drum surface material of the nature will deteriorate. If affected by direct sunlight, about 10000 ~ 30000 lux will make drum damage, at the same time, such an environment will affect the nature of the toner. So in daily life using laser selenium drum drum unit of storage, the method of maintenance is very important, hope drums manufacturers drums manufacturers today in the use of drum unit process should pay attention to the content of the items to you in the process of using laser drum unit help!
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