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UniNet release kyocera compatible toner and related accessories products

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
UniNet has launched a series of suitable for kyocera drum unit is compatible with carbon powder and related accessories products, including: suitable for kyocera EcosysP2035 models of Absolute black carbon powder product and related accessories, suitable for FSC5400, EcosysM6526 and P6026 type multifunctional Absolute color toner, and apply to EcosysM3040 and 3540 multi-function black toner cartridge unit XGeneration black carbon powder and related accessories. UniNet said, suitable for kyocera TK - EcosysP2035 models 160/162 series cartridges, drum, and is suitable for kyocera TK - EcosysM3040 and M3540 models 3102 series drum cartridges, need to replace carbon powder and chips can refill. UniNet new multifunctional carbon powder ( MPT - FSC1) For kyocera TK - 592 series cartridges, drum and kyocera FSC5400 series machines, have high print quality, print runs, and the characteristics of the leaflet printing costs low, and compatible with original and UniNet related accessories.
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