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Three-dimensional molding technology of the world! 3 d printing in parsing

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
Mention 3 d printing, a lot of people will think that this is a very new technology, but in fact it is not. The history of 3 d printing was not much shorter than inkjet printing, it was born in 1986. Will the digital 3 d graphics into a physical object, Charles, this idea was first made by americans. Hall, apply for patents ( 查尔斯·W。 船体) To apply for patents ( The U. S. patent 4573330), And its principle for stereo lithography (modelling 有限元) We will have explanation, the technology behind. Need to point out that the Mr Hall, is also the founder of 3 dsystems company, and introduced the industrialization in the first paragraph 3 d printing devices.
in the late eighty s, the 3 d System of the company's equipment, and popular. But in the same period, the other two can be 3 d molding technology: fused deposition molding ( 熔融沉积造型,FDM) With the selective laser sintering ( Selective Laser Sintering,SLS) 。 FDM technology with krum's invention in 1988 by Scott ( 斯科特嘎吱声) , Stratasys in the following year the technology commercialization, and sold in 1992 the first based on fused deposition molding technology of 3 d printing products. In 1992, DTM company also based on selective laser ablation technology products into the market.
in 1993, the United States at the Massachusetts institute of technology has applied for a new 3 d printing technology, the name is called 3 d printing technology ( 三维印刷技术) , this is a kind of dependence has inkjet technology of 3 d molding technology, Z Corporation has obtained at the Massachusetts institute of technology licensing, and in 1995 launched the first product.
after more than ten years, is the development of 3 d printing times, companies are trying to reduce the cost of 3 d printing. In 2005, ZCorp launched a landmark 3 d printer drum unit product Spectrum Z510, this was the first to high resolution color 3 d printing products.

ZCorp SpectrumZ510 3 d printer drum unit color 3 d printing demo
in 2006, in another sign of 3 d play YinJie events. An open source 3 d printing plan released by the name of reference, this behavior, make 3 d printing, in many areas, there will be no patent, ordinary people themselves can be 3 d printing. But now this open source project based on 3 d printing devices can print the object size is smaller. But the technique is very popular, just four years, has developed a fairly complex product family tree. On taobao, a 3 d printer can print 12 cm in length and drum unit, as long as four thousand yuan, can say is quite cheap, zhongguancun in the online if you have interest can also buy a myself, work at home to have a 3 d shape, but it should be pointed out that 3 d printer drum slants big, size and space is almost occupied before 29 inches color TV, and even a few bigger.
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