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The use of laser printer cartridge again note - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
The use of laser printer drum unit matters needing attention are as follows.
( 1) Drum for laser printer work fatigue problems, therefore, the continuous working time cannot too long, if a lot of work, can work in a period of time after the stop for a while and then continue to output.
( 2) Drum unit for cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis.
( 3) When normal replacing toner should pay attention to the clean up waste powder in waste powder collection storehouse. When found output 'powder leakage should immediately clean up waste powder storehouse. Because when the waste powder accumulation overmuch 'powder leakage phenomenon would appear, and' powder leakage and drum unit friction for a long time will damage the coating on the surface of the drum unit.
actual combat training: to distinguish true and false drums
in the consumable market at present, true or false and evil people mixed up consumables, more difficult to distinguish. If use the fake drum unit in the laser printer, not only affect the print quality, will also affect the service life of the printer, cause serious economic losses to the user. More seriously, false consumables used in the unqualified toner may contain a large amount of toxic and harmful substances, can bring bad influence to the user's health.
to identify the true and false drum unit, it is important to understand the characteristics of the true and false drum unit. The following HP drum and EPSON drum unit, for example.
1。 True and false of HP drum unit to distinguish
at present, of the laser printer mainly from anti-counterfeiting labels to identify the true and false drum unit method. The outer packing and photosensitive drum, etc.
( 1) Carries an anti-counterfeit label for the color change
HP drum at the top of the outer packing seal brace with HP company's registered trademark anti-counterfeiting labels, user can judged by the color of the anti-counterfeiting labels the original drum unit of authenticity. Look from the front, the HP logo is green; From the side, the design becomes a blue-black.
( 2) Outer packing to distinguish
HP original drum unit packaging printing quality fine, bright color, and counterfeit products printing quality rough, image fuzzy, grey color.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Note
there are some fake drums used packing may be the real thing, so when you buy from several aspects to identify, can not only see a little bit.
[3] to observe the photosensitive drum appearance
to see the appearance of the photosensitive drum is the most direct method to judge true and false drum unit. HP original drums drum for dark blue-green or light brown color, and fake drums of photosensitive drum bright green or blue in color; And copies of the original drum drum very high degree of smooth surface without any scratch, and some fake drum drum surface roughness, has obvious scratches.
EPSON true and false drums to distinguish
at present, EPSON laser printer to identify the true and false drum unit method mainly from 'integral optimal ink anti-counterfeit labels, packaging label, etc.
( 1) See color anti-counterfeiting labels on the outer packing
EPSON printer consumables quality goods, Including toner jiang and imaging unit) Carries an anti-counterfeit label for the color packaging, and carries an anti-counterfeit label for the color change in the middle have a pentagram, and turn the consumables, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the color change will shift from copper red + green five-pointed star to green + copper red five-pointed star.
( 2) Watching the blue on the inner packing anti-counterfeit labels
EPSON printer consumables quality goods using the blue inner packing carries an anti-counterfeit label for the open, open the outer packing the first layer, you can see the blue anti-counterfeit labels, will the coating on the label scraping, 21 available anti-counterfeiting code, can call the label suggests query whether it is authentic.
( 3) See the outer packing 'optimal ink points' tag
at present, the vast majority of EPSON laser printer supplies quality goods took part in the' optimal ink points' activities, on its packaging 'optimal ink points' labels.
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