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The use of ink-jet printer

by:Colorunion     2020-09-02

1。 Inkjet printer ideal working environment is clean and no dust, because the dust accumulated for a long time can cause the car guide shaft and other moving parts surface dirt, make the print heads and other moving parts move is blocked or impeded, the deformation of printed image, text, even can't print, go down for a long time will cause the damage of the printer.
2。 Inkjet printer put must ensure that the work in a stable platform, if long-term put badly affect the print speed and print quality. In addition, don't put any items on the printer, in order to prevent the fall into some items hinder the normal work of the printer car parts such as, cause unnecessary trouble.
3。 If your inkjet printer is using parallel port, please do not plug the print live wire, so as not to damage the print mouth and computer parallel port. Before do not use the printer or move it, make sure the print head has been back to the initial position. Let nozzle reset and ink, the lid shut down the printer power, finally to pull the power cord and signal lines, such as on the one hand can make the print head in the initial position is sealed by shielding, make the nozzle is not easy to jam, on the other hand can also avoid the next boot printer for cleaning the print head operation waste ink again. If appear abnormal power at work, we should make the print head back to stop on standby position, in order to avoid the print head orifice dry plug.
4。 Try to use good quality printing media, many users in order to reduce cost, use a poor quality of plain paper printing, time grew to the print head easily attaches to plain paper impurities and fines, causing the printer nozzle clogging. When using a printer medium, the first to determine the correct feeding direction, overlapping paper thickness should not exceed the guide mark in the printer. If you use the filling ink, please choose to suit oneself the machine types of high quality ink, like op because some fake though prices are relatively cheap, low quality but quality will has a great gap with the original or brand products. Due to the diameter of the ink jet head is small, the impurity in the inferior ink can lead to the blocking, print effect is not satisfactory. In addition, various brand models used by the printer ink chemical composition is different, so try to choose the same brand of ink, not changed frequently, so as to avoid adverse to the ink cartridge and print head.
6。 When an inkjet printer cartridges ink exhausted, after the test will give prompt, then should be timely replacement cartridges. Different models of brand printer cartridge slot method has some difference, generally in accordance with the instructions given in the right way to change printer. Should pay attention to when replacement ink cartridges, toner cartridge can't touch the exit, in order to avoid impurities into the cartridge, don't leak ink sprinkled on the circuit board, to prevent the damage caused by the electrical conductivity of the ink part. After the cartridge replacement, to print nozzle test line. Will be printed test line and comparing the patterns of shown on the screen. If there is a disconnection, jump line phenomenon such as the need to clean them again, until the test line and screen printing design completely consistent.
7。 Should try to avoid long time continuous printing, because print time is too long overheat the print heads in a row, the other part will also tired. Which affect the service life of the printer nozzle, also a serious impact on printing quality and printing precision, thus, perform a large best can let the printer to make proper rest.
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