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The technology and principle of 3 d printer drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
3 d printer drum and the traditional printer is the biggest difference is that it use ink cartridge again as raw materials. A little printer drum unit can engage different medium, the printed object is a strong and hard and soft, the other end.

stacked with thin layer.

using the printer cartridge again like to print a letter: click print button on a computer screen, a digital file will be passed to an inkjet printer drum unit, it will be the appearance of a layer of ink onto the paper in order to form a pair of 2 d images. When touching the inside contain hole and cantilever so complex structure, medium is demand for gels, or other things to supply support or to occupy space. The local face will not be melting cast, in the end just to rinse with water or air supporting material to form pore. Now can be used in print media, diverse category from the molecules in a wide range of rubber to metal, porcelain, ceramic and plastic things. It can also use a technique called laser heating melt bonding technology made a specified pattern.

scientists are using 3 d printer drum unit production such as skin, muscle, and simple living groups, such as vascular fragment is likely to be one day we can produce as kidneys, liver and even dirty heart so big body organs. Israel, for example, a company called Objet 3 d printer drum unit enterprise using the printer head will be a very thin layer of liquid molecular compound plastic spraying in molding tray, the coating was then under ultraviolet light treatment.
face particles was sprayed on the molding tray to form a layer of thin face, and then by spewing liquid adhesive curing. Mentioned above these only a small number of molding form among many. Almost all people trust, food industry's assassin level application will be able to print chocolate machine. EOS which is Germany enterprise in its stacking machine using the technology of the production process. Many people also can print food, for example, scientists at Cornell university have successfully print out of the cupcake. If there is life material printer cartridge again to use a patient's own stem cells, then the exclusive response will detract from after organ transplantation. In the 3 d printing, software electricity flows through the brain help preset technology ( CAD) Through a series of digital slices, and a slice of information is passed on to the 3 d printer drum unit, the latter will win thin layer stack up, until a solid shape. While Arcam enterprise in Switzerland is the use of electron flow molten face particles is empty. In the form of a 3 d printer drum unit using inkjet. Additional an enterprise based in the United States in Minneapolis Stratasys using a technique called deposition molding, whole process is melting molecular compound plastic inside the head, and then after sedimentation molecular compound to form a thin layer in the form of plastic fiber.

and point system using face particles as print media. After this molding tray loss minimum distance, for the next layer stack up.
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