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The structure of the drum unit components - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
Laser printers mechanical system mainly includes the drum unit components, laser scanning system, developing system, fixing system, feed system and so on.
drum unit is one of the most key components of the laser printer, it directly determine the quality of printing and printing costs. So it's good bad impact on the quality of printing is very big.
1。 The structure of the drum unit components
drum for laser printer is mainly composed of toner, photosensitive drum, the drum scraper ( Silver scraping 丨, magnetic drum, magnetic roller, magnetic roller, magnetic roller scraper ( Powder scraping) 。 Charging roller, conductive shrapnel. Sealing washer, bayonet. Spring, pin, toner warehouse and waste powder warehouse, etc. Figure 5 - 1 for domestic drum for laser printer and homemade drum unit sectional drawing.
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