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The print page has vertical black breakdown maintenance - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Printed page appears main reason for the longitudinal Mafia is photosensitive drum damage. Photosensitive drum scraper fault powder, magnetic rod. Magnetic roll is damaged or not coaxial operation, etc.
print page has a Mafia in longitudinal fault repair method is as follows.
1。 Check whether the scraper with dirt or confetti. If you don't clean scraper, clean up the dirt on the scraper.
2。 If the scraper is very clean. Then check whether photosensitive drum scraper lubrication. If scraper lubricated, scraper to rub a layer of lubrication powder, and then see if fault disappear. If the failure remains, replace the scraper.
3。 If the scraper is normal. Then check whether photosensitive drum wear or scratches. If the photosensitive drum is wear or scratch, replace the photosensitive drum; If the photosensitive drum is normal, the clear the fixing device.
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