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The port enterprises launch a metal laser 3 d printer drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
3 d printer drum unit designed for people to materialization of the device provides a variety of choices, but there is also a common problems & ndash; — The finished product is plastic, want to print the metal products? At a ha port enterprises have introduced a free size metal laser 3 d printer drum unit, can directly print complex metal parts in the air. After the technology industrialization, is expected to trigger metal parts 3 d printing on a global scale to produce change.

it is understood that the 3 d printing technology to solve the problem of complicated parts and structures to mechanical processing forming, 3 d printing industry usher in explosive growth. , however, is different from ordinary material 3 d printing, metal materials are extremely hard to realize laser 3 d printing: in addition to the metal surface of the solid liquid phase change, the need to be solved the problems such as diffusion, heat transfer, overcoming the laser melting metal powder contact with air oxidation in the process of problem.

at present, the 3 d printing metal material usually needs to be done in argon gas storehouse, but price of argon warehouse moving past failure of millions of yuan, and restrictions on the size of finite volume of argon gas storehouse to component, which makes the technology is difficult to promote. So far, only the United States, the European Union and other developed countries by argon gas storehouse the printing of small metal components.

Harbin heng's laser application technology co. , LTD launched free size laser direct manufacturing technology, independent research and development through the use of a continuous movement of highly reactive metal melt follow-up protection technology, it can be finished under atmospheric conditions of metal component of laser 3 d printing, printing devices greatly reduce the investment cost, and the freedom to make large size complex artifacts.

according to enterprise controller introduces, free size laser direct manufacturing technology is more suitable for high precision manufacturing. In its industrialization application, will greatly promote the future in aircraft engine in our country, and missile, rocket and other kinds of products in the field of aerospace aircraft manufacturing level, thus promote the development of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry.
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