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The performance of 3 d printing material mechanical properties and the surface properties of the kumite up

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
Performance of the printing material of the mechanical properties and surface properties of the kumite up have direct or indirect influence, the performance of the relevant materials as follows:

1) Packing density
the packing density of powder is also called false density, it is related to many factors, including the powder particle size, the shape of the powder and the distribution of particle size and other factors.

2) Real density of powder
because there is a gap between powder particles, so the accumulation of powder volume must be greater than the actual volume, real density must be greater than the bulk density. Real density per unit volume refers to the net is the density of the powder.

3) The porosity of the powder
the porosity of the powder & epsilon; Is the sum of the pore volume between the accumulation of powder and powder accumulation is the ratio of the volume percentage,

4) Saturation
saturation S refers to the adhesive of the drum nozzle jet printer fluid volume V and the ratio of the pore volume between the powder.
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