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The original factory back compatible with selenium drum hard choices

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
Recently discovered, IT sell floor buy original drum unit, especially selling compatible drums are all gone. Even the side of the road, the original place a stalls old drum unit can't find it. In fact, for compatible with selenium drum manufacturers, in the past 2105 years, not without opportunity. The whole printing market after a brief fluctuations in the second quarter, third quarter shipments back abruptly, year-on-year growth of 9. 9%. Back in 2015, print makers to grab market share, are scrambling to expand market share, in order to boost sales, it's really a spell. After a spate of inkjet, brother, Canon launch add ink type product ( This year also coincided with the HP) To rob epson a soup bowl. Playing field, black and white and cream continuously price dip, no bottom line, color of excited to play the market blank, sparked the vendor chasing, HP, Canon have update colour cream product line, vaguely smell a smell of smoke. Faced with the increase of the user base, arguably, living environment should be good, but why don't live more and more moist? Big ink warehouse: original counterattack impolitely said, in the field of inkjet, time is running out for compatible cartridge again! Once upon a time, inkjet market is compatible with selenium drum, because the original drum unit price is a bit expensive, single more than 0. 3 yuan printing costs for many users call, 'affordable, with no'. In pursuit of drums at a lower cost, users often choose compatible products, and at that time the market by tianwei, frames, bele brand occupy, etc. At the same time, filling ink, filling ink, compatible with selenium drum business at major IT also stores gradually rise. More in order to adapted for, seems to be the drums in the path of printing costs to the user, although users know will bring big trouble, such as plug, leak ink, etc. , but the lure of the low cost too much. At that time, epson has ME series, HP introduced according to the specific province series, users aren't buying it, until the epson pioneered the big drum unit, ink storehouse will even for refitting factory, market an uproar. Compatible with selenium drum world in zhuhai, it is telling, but the problem is the problem in the development of all. Epson thought is clear: in developing regions, users continued willingness to buy original drum unit is very poor, now that it is difficult to profit from drum unit, then it must profit front, namely the toner cartridge unit sales itself to success. Launched as a new category of the selenium drum, epson ink bin type toner cartridge unit adopts special micro piezo print technology, the print head is durable type print head, not drum unit, has a long service life and stable performance, and can enjoy the original factory warranty service. More unique is the original price of the ink bottle only 60 yuan, according to the official parameter calculation, single cost for 1 minute, 5 black, color is less than five cents, than fill the ink or modified for printing costs lower. In 2015, epson, with 33% of the market share to tell all of the industry, and the ink storehouse type was successful. Will tell from the drum unit product structure, original drum has been put down its brand of 'high quality and high price' attitude, to seek closer to the small and medium-sized enterprise users printing solution. At the same time also shows a determination, as long as willing to sacrifice part of interests, printing costs to can be any lower. In the study of western economists, market when there is a failure, namely multiple vendors can be combined to manipulate the market price, the formation of monopolies, as early as 90 years ago the lamp industry. And printing industry is also about the same, have few technology companies, ink-jet printing enterprise less, so the original toner cartridge unit price has been high, many users is to 'transform' equipment in order to lower costs. This kind of phenomenon known as a cartel of monopoly industries ( Cartel) , but cartel alliance in general is relatively fragile, the emergence of type printing ink storehouse is to break the progress of this kind of phenomenon, especially the ink storehouse of players from a turned into four, successively into, HP, Canon, brother, epson from individual soldiers into battle group, market influence. Many users, said dozens of yuan a large bottle of authentic ink, have no reason to buy compatible drum unit. A few brands have said, layout, further this year on speed, cost, quality, waterproof, perform, such as performance, comprehensive commercial printing market, it seems that these games will be very big.
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