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The new direction of 3 d printing

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
For most people, to be able to print out the stereoscopic 3 d printer drum unit of the item is new, in fact, in the field of high-end industrial design, 3 d printer drum unit already has a preliminary application. Recently, a, D - Shape of the 3 d printer cartridge again, the magic lies in can print out and complete the building.
D - Shape by CAD soft control system control to 25 dpi ( Printed points per inch) The accuracy of the printing. Printer drum unit according to the presupposition of the program at work, can move along the horizontal beam and four vertical column, the bottom of the printer cartridge again with thousands of nozzle, sprinkler spacing is 20 mm. When printing, spit out a thin layer of sand, first then bonded liquid jet magnesia, both through a printer after mixing drum unit pressure can be gradually cast stone solid, nozzle for each print out only about 5 - thin layer 10 mm thick, layers of repeated, can according to imagine in the print out of the building and its quality of a material similar to marble, strength higher than that of concrete, and do not need built-in steel bar for reinforcement.
at present, D - Shape has been successful to print out the curve, segmentation, tubes and hollow column, etc. Various building structures. From the business outlook, D - Shape their own assembly is quite easy, can be dismantled in a matter of hours, combination, in theory, through the scale arrangement allows the D - Planar Shape unlimited broadening the homework. At the same time, the building can be four times faster than the average technology, reduce the cost of more than half, also can reduce the generation of construction waste, the possibility of future application in the actual operation is very high.
in Switzerland, scientists invented to exact copy human thumb bone 3 d printer cartridge again. First will need a 3 d copy of bone imaging, and then will get 3 d imaging drum type 3 d printers, loading of selenium drum and printer ink jet with tricalcium phosphate and a, poly (lactic acid) (PLA) will be from human bone marrow of primary bone cells injected in printed bone model, injection can provide nutrition gel, bone cells will gradually cultivate the growth, while the skeleton model in the process of the biological decomposition. The success of this experiment is expected to promote 3 d technology make more contribution in the field of reengineering in human organs.
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