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The new 3 d printers by Israel drums to print out a rifle

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
Recently, the us activist group DefDist again in 3 d print out a new rifle for popular open source: wikipedia weapons ( Wiki武器) Modified, and its 3 d printing the latest version of the video of guns. Compared to the first, this latest by 3 d print out guns, seems to be a lot better on the stability.

3 d print out the rifle: wikipedia weapons ( Wiki武器) Modified
because before this, DefDist AR - with 3 d printing 15 assault rifles, in launched after six rounds of ammunition, plastic board box was hulling, therefore the militant group, said: as long as there is a ready-made model and a 3 d printer drum unit, gun at home has become a reality. Now, the terrible things really come true. Militant group DefDist new 3 d printed a gun, after successfully launched multiple consecutive bullets, intact performance is amazing.

3 d print out the rifle: wikipedia weapons ( Wiki武器) Modified
the news that DefDist made guns, 3 d printing is light curing technology pioneer Objet— — The Israeli company 3 d printers print drum unit. Although this was successfully modified rifle, according to the United States the gun control act regulations, in the absence of permitting manufacture of guns, this problem is likely to be very serious.
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