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The importance of selenium drum drum unit and toner

by:Colorunion     2020-09-20
Before we talk about the importance of the drum unit and toner, we need a brief look at drum unit's relationship with laser selenium drum, we can let's look at the working principle of laser cartridge again! In black and white and the working principle of laser selenium drum, for example, when the computer via the cable toner cartridge unit data, toner cartridge unit, first of all, will be temporarily stored in the cache, the data received when to receive a complete data and then sent to the drum of the processor, the processor will these data processing into the print engine driven action signal groups of similar data table, for laser selenium drum, these signals group is a set of pulse signal to drive the laser work. Good, laser selenium drum began to work, in fact, its core technology is electronic imaging technology, this technology combined with the principle of imaging and electronics to generate images, the core component of which is a photosensitive drum unit. Laser emitted by the laser irradiation on a prismatic shape of the reflector, as the rotation of the mirror, the light from one end of the drum to the other side, in turn, sweep, Midway through a variety of focusing lens, the scan to spot on the surface of the drum unit is very small) , drum rotates at the 1/300 of an inch or 1/600 of an inch stride, scanning and on the next line. is a organic materials were coated on the surface of the cylinder, with a charge in advance, when there is a light, parts by irradiation resistance reaction will happen. Computer data sent by the signal control emission of the laser, scanning on the surface of the drum, the light changes unceasingly, this will in some places by irradiation, smaller resistance, and charge disappear, also in some places there is no light, still have the charge, eventually, the surface of the drum unit is formed by the charge of the latent image. Latent image is how to become a real printed images? Toner played a critical role, toner essence is a kind of take charge of small plastic particles, its charge and the charge on the drum surface polarity, in contrast, when with a charge of the surface of the drum unit through the ink roller is part of the charge adsorption toner particles, latent image becomes a real images. Drums rotate at the same time, another group of typed transmission system will be brought in, printing paper with the same as the drum surface polarity strong but a lot of charge, then the paper after a toner, drum unit, toner were drawn to the printing paper, on the surface of the drum unit image on the surface of the paper form. At this point, the appeal of toner and drum unit is merely charge and together, before printing paper was sent out the drum unit, after high temperature heating, plastic toner is melting, in the process of cooling solidification on the surface of the paper. After toner attached to printing paper, selenium drum surface will continue to rotate, after a cleaner, remove all remaining toner, and to get into the next print circulation. Visible, in the process of the drum unit accounted for a very important position. In fact drum is the key components of the laser drum unit. Because it not only determines the quality of printing, but also determines the printing costs. This is because in the laser selenium drum, more than 70% of the components of the imaging are concentrated in the drum unit, print quality is good or bad, in fact, is largely determined by the drum unit. And drum unit belong to the drum of consumables, use for a period of time and achieve the use of a certain number of sheets and then need to change, so choose the suitable for laser selenium drum drum has a lot of knowledge, you can refer to or consulting drums manufacturers drum manufacturers.
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