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The difference between drum and compact

by:Colorunion     2020-09-18
Although the drum unit is often used in daily work, but there are many users of laser selenium drum and its use of drum unit is very strange, it is often used for laser selenium drum drum unit has questions: what is the difference between drums with cartridges? Let's say drums and compact difference. Mentioned only in laser selenium drum, toner cartridge unit or compact these two words, drum, drum unit standard term is actually imaging is a core component of the laser selenium toner cartridge, as well as laser selenium drum drum unit of life. Cartridges will be for parts of carbon powder. From the structure, the drum drum unit is divided into one-piece drums with separated two kinds, one-piece drums is to integrate the cartridges and photosensitive drum in the same device, when the toner used up or the drum damage, both will change together. HP one-piece drum drum unit separated by imaging drum and cartridges are separated, both can open it, when the toner used up, you just need to replace the new cartridges, as long as the life of the drum unit not to, can continue to use. From the brand, the one-piece drum unit in HP, Canon and other brand products are common, and separate drum unit in panasonic, ko beauty brands such as are common. Below is samsung color laser drum unit use different colors of powder compact. Conclusion: user when choosing drum unit should know which type of the selected models using selenium drum, facilitate after replace the toner cartridge unit.
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