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The difference between all-in-one drum and the drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-15
At present the mainstream equipment from speaking can be divided into laser and inkjet printing principle, including laser is divided into black and white and color. unit, as the name implies, is for the print, whether ink jet, laser, can only printing, black and white laser printing can only print black color laser printing can print color, if it is printing photos, had better use inkjet. If is to print documents, bills, can only use the old pin type toner cartridge unit. unit according to the print format to points, divided into A4 and A3 machine, and some extensions, such as automatic print double-sided, network printing, etc. All-in-one, also called multi-function equipment. Is integrated printing, photocopying, fax, and other functions as one of the equipment, we commonly used functions have printing, photocopying, scanning, fax. The function of arbitrary combination rises, is all-in-one, namely, all-in-one. These machines are divided into inkjet or laser. In addition, the multi-function machine is only A4, is a single draft or a single page, or draft with automatic, can automatically copy, print double-sided, network printing, and other functions. Generally all-in-one scanning effect and print effect mostly are the grade is very general, high scanning effect and high print effect of all-in-one cost is higher, lower relative prices all-in-one scanning effect and the print effect is not very ideal, to have special request for the above effect is relatively difficult, want to buy machine for output level high resolution photos printed effect, call for a high speed printing function, etc. , this type of user is still necessary to choose specific functions of product alone.
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