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The daily maintenance and maintenance of the laser printer

by:Colorunion     2020-09-02

1, timely cleaning was carried out on the typewriter

carbon after toner cartridges, printer's lack of powder indicator, should be to carbon powder compact powder. After add powder compact applications around clean soft cloth or brush. Printer power cord should be pulled out at the same time, and open the laser printer front department, vacuum suction to residual toner in the machine. The paper scraps, Do not use mouth to blow, otherwise you will cause damage to parts) , with a clean soft cloth to wipe, and add the carbon powder compact. So hold on for a long time, can prolong the service life of the printer, and make it in good working condition, reduce the cost of frequent replacement commonly used parts. Outside the laser printer can use wet cloth clean or special cleaner wipe, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Printer doesn't need any lubricant filling, after a long time to use the printer, printer can be open to dust removal to dirty.

2, paperboard breakdown of

card is a kind of common faults of printer, incorrect method, may cause more damage to the machine. After card failure, should shut off the power first, then opened the front door, find out the paper. If paper card in front of the fixing component, can be directly to the printer medial direction extraction ( Take out the paper, please pay attention to at the end of the toner particles by heating. Pressure, thus will spatter carbon powder, please note) 。 If the paper card near the fixing component, please pull towards the inside of the light, do not force to pull out, avoid internal carbon powder stained front department. If paper completely in the fixing component, can pull outward. If the paper has a paper to the site, can easily pull the paper out. If paper card in fixing apparatus, huddled together, not by the mouth when they pull out the paper tray can be opened, the central place there is a row of paper label symbols, can open the disposition and remove the jammed paper.
3, the paper out to crinkle into wavy maintenance

Canon LBP - KT/BX/BX Ⅱ printer often appear out of the paper to crinkle phenomenon, the paper into wavy, serious when may get stuck paper early. This failure is mainly due to the paper roll on the rubber ring aging, skid, when in contact with the paper lead to the mouth of paper out of paper speed less than fixing device of the paper, accumulation of mouth wrinkle paper in the paper. Rubber ring aging serious, even can not paper, paper jam. Therefore, the fault only need to replace the paper roll can be ruled out. If there is no new temporarily out of paper roll can be replaced, sharp knife will be available rubber ring surface fell again, can be normal use for a period of time.

4, use carton paper way, often do not feed the maintenance

this kind of failure is mainly due to the cartons to rub the paper round is too dirty or wear and tear, rub the paper slip, cause not into paper. If you rub the paper round too dirty, need to clean, can be normal use. If rub paper roller badly worn, it must be replaced. If often or only use A4 paper, just rub the paper round the inside of the rubber ring wear, the outside of the rubber ring is not wear, if we had not new to rub the paper round to replace, can will rub the paper round after clean, the inside and outside rubber ring swaps, can be normal use for a period of time.

5, the pattern depth is shallow, and the pattern while deep shallow

the laser printer in use after a period of time, output the pattern depth is more and more shallow, and the pattern about depth is different, is from deep to shallow or from shallow to deep gradient. After change new drums, found no substantial improvement. Preliminary can conclude that laser working long hours from dust pollution caused by. At this time to remove the printer power cord, open the lid, remove the interface board and main board, laser components. Remove the laser components, open laser seal plastic cover, with the special lens paper or anhydrous alcohol cotton ball to various optical lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc. Gently wipe ( Be careful not to touches a fixed position of each optical lenses) , wait for after alcohol volatile nature, can be installed to run again.
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