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The common malfunction - all-in-one Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
Multi-function equipment is one of the very popular office equipment products in the market at present, due to the time of multi-function equipment appear relatively early, many current all-in-one began to enter the season, so the user is in when encounter multi-function equipment common failures, first of all is calm, and then suit the remedy to the case, studying the application of some common skill and troubleshooting techniques, so that it can well solve the problem. Together to take a look at below and share the common fault case analysis, the writer hopes to be helpful to everyone's daily application.
failure 1: after startup, all the lights flashing together; Some even accompanied by intermittent sex without electricity failure
the solution: such an error encountered said printer & other Fatal fault & throughout; 。 Adjust/hardware restarting or stick control panel sticker off to good plus electricity boot. If the fault is still, to apply for the exchange.
fault 2: HP j4110 scan/copy the whole scanning component failures such as green, yellow, black
the solution: hardware for the machine to replace the print on the paper or not sometimes on paper, printing, skew, etc on paper clutch gear fracture, not reset, rub on the wheel, gear and other dirty paper institution hardware failures to rub the paper round, in the service station on the left side of the clutch gear status and position, take the paper back cover, etc. , such as invalid, apply for replacement LCD shows a clean adjustment 'cycle power/no access to electricity power supply module is part of the machine itself confirm fault hardware malfunction, apply for replacement LCD screen appears' carriage jam' pen rack moving up error, may be due to improper paperboard, pen rack by elastic claws sticking out paper and pen rack by adjusting/hardware such as clutch gear pieces of paper stuck on the power, to reset the pen rack to the left or the right side, and then boot to initialize, if not solved then replaced.
failure 3: scan/copy some articles from time to tome transverse stripe
the solution: the rest of the manuscript for positioning the low-end normally, scanning precision, the scan some single impression of the manuscript, this phenomenon may occur advising clients to change product design offline online scanning copy first, and then print, and choice in the printed paper type & other; Photo print & throughout; Without the overall change.
fault 4: after startup, test paper and test the cartridge two light kept flashing
the solution: abnormal when encountered in the process of pen rack moving resistance, such as service station on the left on the right side of the plastic paper on the clutch gear tip fracture, foreign body block, such as belt too loose or too tight, may lead to such an error adjustment/hardware check for service parts fall off block pen rack to move, put it back in place. Or through a fastening screw adjustment at the end of the belt strap firmness to the appropriate level; Such as fault or clutch gear fracture is still apply for the replacement.
fault 5: HP psc1118/1218 / oj4110 electricity
the solution: power supply module is part of the machine itself confirm fault hardware malfunction, apply for replacement service station sealant cap, and spring parts fall off because of the printing machine core part of the institution of simplified, these parts have pen rack, is easier to fall off. Adjust/hardware can be put off parts back strip grating at one end. Fault 6:
left end feeding wheel disc grating to jump out of the groove of the sensor, with motor noise
the solution: possible due to vibration or errors in the process of assembly and adjust machine/hardware apart, the reset disk grating, if you have serious deformation, the paper guide to apply for replacement. Steel wheel fall off usually because customers take paper improper operation, do not enjoy the warranty overexert caused by hardware, qualify for processing printing a4 manuscript, will the remaining 1 - Part 2 cm can't spit out paper size Settings, such as spring paper failure not adjusted offline print test without software/hardware Settings, such as fault still is replaced.
fault 7: HP psc750 LCD error 'scanner failure', cannot be initialized by scanning.
the solution: appear this kind of fault components is mainly due to dust and aging, part of the arrival of the spare parts also appeared such problems of scanning hardware component and the inside of the glass cover for cleaning or replacement.
fault 8: HP j6110 LCD error 'media mismatch', can't print.
the solution: the default paper size Settings for the printer error software set technical documents, according to the machine on at the same time press * # first, and then order by 124, according to the left arrow to find 'report manu, determine and then press the left arrow to find' media sense CAL 'items, according to the input validation and box at least put a piece of a4 paper.
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