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The cleaning and maintenance of inkjet printer

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03

1。 General cleaning and maintenance. Form the good habit of regular cleaning and maintenance inkjet printers, can make the printer in good working condition. General cleaning and maintenance work includes the following steps: open the cover board for inkjet printer, carefully clean, clean the printer internal dust and stains, ink and cabinet. Especially must pay attention to the cleanness of the car drive shaft, can use dry degreased cotton swabs, erasing the dust on the guide shaft and oil after cleaning can be two drops sewing machine oil on the shaft. Did note don't wipe clean job on the gear, the area around the print head and cartridge, do not move the print head, also cannot use thinner, gasoline and other volatile liquid, so as to avoid accelerated printer chassis and other parts of aging or even damage.
2。 Cleaning the print head. Now inkjet printer boot automatically after cleaning the print heads, and equipped with cleaning button for the print heads, may also be driven by computer print option to nozzle cleaning, cleaning methods according to different models are different, you can refer to an inkjet printer steps in the operating manual.
if you use a printer automatic cleaning function can't solve the problem, you need to print heads manually clean: remove the print the car first, remove the cartridge and fender, the nozzle with cotton wool to wipe clean. Put nozzle in a sheng qing water ( It is best to distilled water) A small container, for eight hours or so, then the cartridge into showerhead continue to soak for about three hours. And then with no impurity medical syringe loaded in the water on the nozzle ink above the hole, slowly into the clear water, remember to slow. Observation on the ink pore water, clear water if we can from each of the spray nozzle, can determine the print heads have been clear. In the process of cleaning action accurate, moderately hard, don't touch the print car electrical parts, more do not touch water. If there is a small amount of water in the above, should wipe with a soft cloth as soon as possible and dry them.
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