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The classification of the drum unit - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-08
Laser printer cartridge again sort is more, can be classified according to the combination, also can be classified according to the sensitive material. Specific classification is as follows.
( 1) According to the combination classification
laser printer homemade drum unit according to the combination can be divided into integration of selenium drum, two body drum unit. Three body drums three types.
integration drum unit refers to the photosensitive drum, drum, Developer roller) And the ink cartridges for the integration of drums. The drums on the design structure does not allow users to add toner filling.
two body the drum unit refers to the drum unit is divided into two independent parts: the part is the photosensitive drum, the other part is the drum and the ink cartridges. Users after using the toner ^ drum with ink cartridges should be replaced parts, without change the photosensitive drum.
three body the drum unit refers to the drum unit is divided into three separate parts: photosensitive drum, drum, ink cartridges. The user after using the toner, ink cartridges should be replaced.
( 2) According to the sensitive material classification
, depending on the sensitive material drum unit can be divided into three kinds: OPC drum ( Organic photoconductive materials) , drums, Se Se) And ceramic drum ( a - Si ceramics) 。
among them, the life of the OPC drum is shorter, the price also is the most cheap. General OPC drum unit is composed of three layers, the first layer is aluminum tube, the second layer is the insulation layer, the third layer is the photosensitive layer; Drum unit ( Se Se) Life is long, ceramic drum life longer, the price is higher, and drum unit ( Se Se) And the surface of the ceramic drum is synthesized from four or five layers of material.
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