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The choose and buy shredders small knowledge

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
Purchase the shredder is to consider three main aspects: treatment object of material, the amount of paper and your company's classification.

1, the processing object of material

most of the shredder is designed to deal with paper, is usually covered with pieces of paper or a piece of paper. If you intend to shatter the computer printouts, so choose the best entry is wide model, this paper can be directly into the machine for processing. Some shredder is adopted into the paper, so that it can deal with the paper knead into a ball. There are also some shredder can handle a lot more. Credit CARDS, videotape or floppy disks can be shattered by the machines.

2, the amount of paper processing

amount of paper shredder can handle is another factor to consider. The key factor is the unit of the paper, also is a can swallow into the amount of paper processing, and processing speed. Adrian rodriguez huber -) fernando because the shredder is not design running status under the maximum capacity, so when the choose and buy the best considering the capacity is bigger than you need 25% or so of the model, so that you can avoid the damage of the machine.

3, classification

of course, your company's security level is higher, need to be equipped with shredder is also the more strict. The general company for confidential requirement, mid-range shredder is suitable and economical choice.

maintenance knowledge

1, machine tool precision, sharp, pay attention to when using, do not use involved in paper, such as skirts, tie, hair, mouth to avoid accidental damage.

2, shredding toner cartridge after the expiration of the paper, please keep clear of in time, so as not to affect the normal work of the machine.

3, do not add chopped cloth, plastic, hard metal, etc.

4, in order to prolong the life of the machine, each shredding quantity should be lower than the maximum number of shredding machine regulation, no broken CD, disk, the credit card machines, please do not do STH without authorization into the broken machine.

5, clean the machine shell, please cut off power supply first, use cleaner or mild soap water on a soft cloth wipe gently, do not let the solution into the machine inside, do not use bleach, gasoline or dilute liquid scrubbing.

6, please do not let the sharp shell, so as not to affect the machine appearance.

the choose and buy the shredder notice:

1, shredding amount

shredding quantity is how many decide according to individual demand, such as customer of scraps quantity every day, every time need how many pieces and the throughput of the object itself, all is the deciding factor. General shredding quantity can broken 13 - at a time 15 pieces, large shredder can break 60 - at a time A large quantity of 70 pieces, shredding ripped up opportunities than small speed is slow. The more choice, of course, every time can be crushed number will more than less achieve economic benefits, due to time, manpower and power consumption can be cut.

2, shredding speed

shredding speed must cooperate with shredding amount, a low shredding but too high speed of scraps opportunity makes confetti crimp, to make the bag of the shredding often need to change, and generate a lot of dust. In general, computer paper shredder automatically continuous input, speed the minimum requirements shall be not less than 0 per second. 5 m, i. e. , an hour can handle 6400 face must constantly computer paper.

3, into the paper width

due to the computer files of wide area of the general office file, usually for 9 or 11 * 11 * 15, is more must be shredded paper and vertical incision input, otherwise the whole line intact likely, data as the dew; In the paper is too thin, the paper will fold together, reduce broken by number of sheets at a time, and easily lead to paper, reduce the work efficiency. So choose special computer paper shredder, its entrance should have at least 385 mm wide, is a minimum standard.

4, shredding width

standard according to destroy data, computer lettering file will be broken to 3. 8 mm below the note. For highly confidential documents, should be used to cut shredder, chopped the documents at least 1. 9 mm wide and 15 mm long, waste paper, to ensure that the confidential information, due to reduction of granular shredding difficulties, granular shredder works fine, the processing required for the space is not large, often filled ground paper bag need to change, easy to handle. Shredding width demand depends on the degree of secrecy involved departments, agencies, file, choose suitable shredder, can contact the professional suppliers, they are willing to provide professional advice.

5, protect environment

in response to environmental information, general shredder above 62 decibels volume as a standard, throughput bigger shredder volume will be larger, but the design of the new trend will emphasize quantity is given priority to, in a low voice, so that office workers can enjoy more and quiet working environment, at the same time, the waste paper can recover the circular reoccupy, confetti can be recycling as packaging materials, not only cost savings, can support more environmentally friendly.
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