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The cause of the problem analysis of low-speed print

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
Case 1: user cannot distinguish between selenium toner cartridge using continuous ink may often meet with such a situation: the machine is in use after a period of time, not print, reason is the drum unit does not recognize black toner cartridge unit. The cause of the problem and solution: this happens primarily because drum unit of waste ink storehouse is full. In fact each inkjet cartridge again has fixed parts life setting. When some parts to achieve the service life of the drum unit will be prompted to can't print. Due to the continuous ink system easily in the process of using waste ink, so it's easy to cause waste warehouse full of ink. Appear this kind of circumstance can do a deal with two aspects: or the toner cartridge unit with reset software reset reset the motherboard, to eliminate the drum set; Or can go to the maintenance station to change waste ink storehouse in the sponge. The author suggested that users use the latter. Because is simply reset easily lead to the waste ink missing burned drum unit. Case 2: the print head swings slow, due to low speed printing transform continuous ink system tend to modification of the original drum unit, this reform will inevitably cause the burden of the word car. In the case of heavy load, the word car slow. And under the heavy load also can lead to accelerated aging drums belt and add friction to the word and connecting rods. These will lead to slow to print. Severe cases can also lead to car cannot be reset, which in turn can't use. The cause of the problem and solution: 1, replace the motor. Continuous ink system of rubber and drums of wall friction, lead to an electric motor load increase, the long-term use of electric motor loss, try to change; 2, the lubrication connecting rod. Use time is long, the inside of the machine word car with the connecting rod of the friction, resistance increase lead to electric motor running slowly. At this time of connecting rod lubrication can solve the fault; 3, selenium drum belt ageing. Connected to the motor drive gear friction assembly speed drum belt aging, the cleaning and lubrication can reduce fault belt aging.
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