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The breakdown maintenance - HP laser printer to print the paper Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-06
A HP LaserJet 1018 printer, laser printing paper.
failure analysis: the causes of the failure is mainly: printing paper quality is bad. Print channels, foreign body in it hinder the operation of the printing paper; Printer to rub the paper round by wear and loose paper spring pressure is not enough, can't put the paper into a printer.
troubleshooting: first, open the printer cover, take out the card printing paper. Note that must be take paper feed direction, can't reverse direction turning any knob. The test page prints out then, look to whether a paper jam. If often paperboard, the replacement of qualified printing paper test, whether typed because be affected with damp be affected with damp. Paper jam too thick or thin, etc. After inspection, found that the fault is still. Then check printer to rub the paper round to see whether there is wear and tear, found to rub the paper round to normal. Check pressure paper springs, found that the pressure paper spring loose, replace after spring, upon confirmation of HP q2612a drum unit is normal, troubleshooting.
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