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Teach you to distinguish true and false several small collection of bronze drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
The bronze toner cartridge originating in mid qing stagnation period ( From 1861 to 1875) , mostly shell is produced with copper, brass, copper for the tank, some also with gold and silver inlaid. The republic of China painting and calligraphy engraved copper by the home scholars draw its stalk of grain, golden stone sculpture of copper's house. Was engaged in the work of the sculpture artists, one of the most famous, such as: Zhang Yue minister, Zhang Shouchen, Chen Shizeng, Yao Hua, yao's exploration of the father, yin-sheng Chen masters such as carved copper, and an engraved bronze culture left a rich one.

as engraved copper imitation carved four collections of increasingly popular and practitioners consciousness, technology gradually improve, carved has some new trends, such as: a glimpse of false is less cheap than in previous years, the new box carved is also less than before. Because Tibetan friends appreciating ability strong, the pediatrician and it cannot survive. At present, the bronze drum imitation carved focuses on plain boxes and boxes. In plain boxes and boxes of faking, low cost and easy to setup, buy one box of price, even lower than the cost of building a new box. Here introduce to everyone:

it is a double inscription imitation. Military and political subject drum paper weight has been carved the worst-hit areas of imitation, celebrity, officer title is large, so the past copy engraved to more military and political celebrities, mainly displays in the add on. In the recent period of time, in the old element face box with time during the period of the republic of China on military, political, education slogan replicas often appear, and given priority to with double line carve, celebrities and the size of government agencies have dated size. Double line moment for art, is a good imitation, and military and political subject drum unit that year is given priority to with rewards and utility, is generally made by craftsmen more, relatively easy to copy.

2 it is imitation carved five surface work. One party's box of only eight hundred dollars, or even a few hundred dollars, but all sides in the box body is combined with inscription, the price is up into several times. In full working drum unit, all carved some work well, so let's focus on preventing square drums, circle around the drum unit and engraved decorations and composition is bad to hold, and live 'roundheads' than 'live' the difficulty is big, easy to show the cloven foot. Box carved all around, add after more is given priority to with the common landscape, flowers, jinwen, eaves tiles, and general content and old carved box box surface level, is quite misleading. At present, has seen many five surface replicas.

3 it is imitation engraved bronze ware. The republic of China in late qing dynasty, it is very rare ancient ritual vessels, such as life is music has been engraved copper high hand carved above the drum unit, together with many famous product, such as a: rongbaozhai is greatly raise the bronze pattern selenium drum paper weight value and position. Because of the larger interests, hard to avoid the focus of imitation carved. Bronze pattern, in the framework of the geometry, grain with stipple is given priority to, to the depth of the mark, the actual situation, such as the thickness change request is not much, also because of not personalized painting, a rare style can tell, so the old element easily realistic-looking copy engraved bronze on the box design, should cause enough vigilance.

style carved four is imitation gold. Jinwen ignored on the drum, the price also is relatively low, except five surface, less imitation. But, on the old element face imitation ring carved jinwen situation more, especially there is a kind of imitation of activities can be folded, namely: the open circle, combined as a paper weight, add carved ornamentation after these two years. , jinwen application on the drum unit is given priority to with beautification, has a dual efficacy of calligraphy and paintings, some with double line carve, permutation and combination, for beauty, owing to the bad words to recognize and read don't understand, how bad imitation of judge, plus imitation circle area is small, so easy to see.

5 it is imitation KeShu. Many years ago, Mr Da-peng fan suggested before for many times, according to the book collection of imitation moment the situation is very serious, be sure to see engraved copper publications. Description of things on the books and periodicals is much for high-quality goods, and the book has some extra price. I saw somewhere in the antique market, specifically in imitation of a moment and give drums after shop, business is very good, four or five engraved copper books were on the table, want to add in the old element box carved what content, from his book. With the increase of etching copper publications, imitation KeShu situation will be more and more. Must read more, look carefully, to avoid fall for it.

6 is imitation moment ordinary. After a few years ago, and stared at the main celebrity force, such as add engraved 'Yin' 'Zhang Shouchen' Yao Hua 'Chiang kai-shek' '' 'song zheyuan suppressed ', etc. , because the title is too big, the box is too common, easy to foil, coupled with Tibetan friends in big brand has been alert, and nearly two years the level of the imitation KeKuan began to fall, after added XiaoMingTou style more, such as XianTuanJi below. Still have a kind of trend, in the absence of beige box after adding carved paragraphs of ordinary people and calendar. Because modern engraved copper level unceasing enhancement, many practitioners of engraving art has not less than the average during the period of the republic of China the craftsmen, imitation engraved inscription, already not the past that kind of crooked handwriting, this has certain shape of ordinary, unattractive, easy to muddle through.
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