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Teach you know drum charging roller drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
Charging roller categories: hard charging roller, long leather, tzipi, wrapping the charging roller ( HP) , rubber roller and Ann polyester roller. Basic requirements: charging roller resistance constant, no pinhole, good high temperature and high humidity not disorderly, precipitates, the phenomenon of point discharge ( No whistling cry) , the toner cartridge core pollution-free, print, no ash, no ghost, a certain wear resistance, etc. Charging roller defect: noise, pollution, toner cartridge core, bottom ash, resistivity is not stable, color difference, pinhole effect, core not eliminate internal stress lead to bending print beats, holster channeling, stained with powder, iron core and glue segregation, porosity, iron rust, poor weather resistance. Charging roller post-processing: struggle for uncoated charging roller or some added coating charging roller can only solve the problem of division, and cause a new quality subject to this phenomenon, combined with years of exploration on this issue, I have the following views: 1, the core of quenched and tempered treatment and electroplating guarantee size precision and straightness, after beating garden, garden, coaxial degree form tolerance requirements, such as coating is firm, Very not plating) 。 2, good charging roller do coating processing, brush and spray. Spray to be completely pore-free, another source with a small amount of impurities such as water and oil, will have certain influence on quality. Recommended brush. The charging roller coating can be divided into water based coating and oily coating. Oily coating ( The reactive film) : film-forming material for a variety of synthetic resin, belong to the coating solution, just in the process of film coating contains all volatile solvents and thinners is condensed into a membrane, some varieties appropriate heating or through catalytic resin polymer film, film forming material for the reactivity. Non reactive film-forming substances by linear polymers in the dissolved or dispersed in the liquid medium, after coating, due to the liquid medium volatile form polymer film layer. A thermoplastic - thermal softening, due to harden. Physical reaction, not random sex is relatively poor. Water-based coating ( Reactive film) : film-forming substances mainly emulsion, coating with water as diluent, including oil emulsion coatings and resin emulsion paint, by reactive oligomers, monomers of film-forming substances called reactive film-forming material, after the coating on the surface, under the precondition of a certain tough membrane layer are formed by polymerization and polycondensation reaction. With thermosetting - form of network polymer. Is a chemical reaction, molecules with key connection ( Ionic bond and covalent health) And is not random. Five. Conclusion: select material and preparation technology is also important: demanding charging roller as far as possible do not resin, because can't completely put an end to pollution. Here, selenium toner cartridge manufacturers drums factory remind everybody: under different brands of charging roller surface resistance is different, xerox demand is high. Generally suitable for xerox machine ( 2400 dpi or 4800 dpi) Charging roller coating basically is suitable for other types of charging roller, some just a surface resistance to do a little change. I developed the charging roller series of water-based coating with silane coupling agent as basic material, do not contain resin, film forming material for reactivity, fundamentally avoids the pollution to the drum core. High quality and the capital is not high, big department of collecting tesco raw materials, coating liquid storage time is long, three months under normal temperature is valid. Manipulation convenient, brush machine effect is good, if there is not understand place, versa can access, online consulting us, thank you!
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