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Teach you a simple solution for nozzle clogging

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
Many friends in using inkjet cartridge again met the problem of nozzle clogging. In general we are executed repeatedly toner cartridge unit control software of 'clean' operation to solve this problem, but this method will have wasted a lot of ink; Some friends is to use alcohol to clean, the effect is good, but is not applicable to all products, for some material of the nozzle may have certain influence, the following drum manufacturers drum unit manufacturer to teach you a simple solution for nozzle clogging. In fact, if you have enough patience, a few drops of water can help you solve this problem completely: first, put the drum unit ( Nozzle) From the toner cartridge unit ( Be careful not to hurt the print heads) , will print nozzle upward horizontal inversion ( Notice in advance to confirm the drum filling ink has been sealed, in order to avoid the ink flow back out) 。 With dropper drop a drop of water, gently drop on the print nozzle, let the water slowly seep into the nozzle, if the water is dry, drip on again. So repeatedly, until the water bubble on open nozzle stem node ink ( Usually 5 ~ 10 minutes) 。 After the drum unit ( Nozzle) To reload the drum unit. Don't rest assured, you can use pure water into the clean of the old drum, cleaning operations can be performed again once or twice.
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