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Tariffs or will cancel the drum drum unit technology

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
, foreign media reported on Sunday in the Geneva conference, the European Union ambassador trade negotiators passed a temporary agreement, is proposed to remove tariffs on a range of technology products, of course, selenium drum drum unit electronic products are also available on the list. It is understood that there will be roughly $billion of technology products in the duty-free. The move to the wto information technology agreement entered again into the step. The information technology agreement will apply to all WTO members, these members share achieved about 97% of IT products trade. At the beginning of July 14 to discuss the various tariffs were incorporated into the discussion. U. S. trade representative agency disclosed protocol is proposed to cancel for semiconductor products, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, positioning system, drum toner cartridge unit tariff, video games and other products. At present (duty free Containing selenium drum drum unit) Product list is still waiting for final review. Final agreement will create value in the range of $190 billion in gross domestic product, and provide support for the United States, 60000 jobs. It is reported, the drum drum unit technology tariffs or will cancel the negotiators on December 15 18 in Nairobi Kenya to meet again, to discuss the final agreement. The deal is expected to begin in July 2016.
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