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Successful patent application for 'hospital drum' drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
'Hospital drum' drum manufacturers success applied for patents, patent drums have new listings - hospital - Welcome consulting drums manufacturers selenium drum factory, service hotline: 400 0755226, the toner cartridge unit product specific characteristics as follows: 1, no peculiar smell, fine carbon powder particles uniformly; 2, print, high resolution, printouts clear and bright; 3, strong compatibility, no ash, no ghost, less waste powder, no hollow words; 4, firm fixation and strong adsorption force; 5, good abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance; 6, temperature stability is strong, strong photoconductivity. 7. Zero waste powder is our most innovative technology has obtained a patent for invention drums manufacturers print drum unit of green environmental protection, insist to use new accessories, stable configuration, each products are through strict test, dark gray uniform, not less than the original print cycle toner cartridge unit, has a very high cost performance.
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