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Store color printer drum unit matters needing attention

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05

color after printer drum unit is an important parts of machine, is the high cost of consumables. Drum unit in store when do not pay attention to, can also affect the print effect, it will directly damage the drums, so how to store color copier photosensitive drum?

store unopened drum unit should remember the following:

1. According to cases specified in the direction of the display ( Arrow up)

2。 Store in a normal environment ( The normal temperature often wet)

3。 Avoid direct sunlight and away from heat, Such as heating and steam pipe)

4。 If stored in warehouse, workshop, should meet the following conditions: after opening the package, such as exposed to bright light, the nature of the photosensitive drum surface material will deteriorate. If affected by direct sunlight, about 10000 ~ 30000 lux will make selenium drum permanent damage. And, the environment will affect the nature of the toner.

store has opened the sealed package of drum unit should remember the following:

1. From the packaging of drum unit must be finished within six months. After six months, the performance of the parts of the drum unit becomes unstable, and the print quality will decline, decline depends on the environment.

2。 Avoid drums by direct sunlight or in the window. In the hot season, don't place the drum unit for a long time in the car, Even the unopened drums) 。

3。 To avoid rapid changes in temperature and humidity environment, such as air conditioning or heating.

4。 Avoid dust environment or close to the corrosive chemicals, such as ammonia or organic solvent vapors.

5。 It is forbidden to drum exposure to 104 ° f ( 40℃) The above environment.

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