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Solve the brothers 7430 drums print error

by:Colorunion     2020-09-18
We meet in the process of office, the brothers 7430 when printing hint 'toner cartridge error' when to do, at the same time, we change the new drums and cartridges or suggest some mistake, after a little overwhelmed at this moment, the following is provided by drums manufacturers toner cartridge unit technician solve steps, hope will be helpful to you: 1. Turn off the power supply 2. Hold down the menu button, open the power supply, with 3 lights all 3. By 74, come out a string of Numbers, a pen to write down, click exit 4. According to 90, according to 28, 64. Shut the power 5, repeat 26, by 74, input the number which you just write down, confirmed that in 96, after add powder to board on the opposite side in the round is OK.
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