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Sharp 3818 print Mafia

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
3818 is a new type of copiers, sharp copiers and sharp almost 2718 types, summarizing the device performance is superior, it is a strange phenomenon in continuous printing a lot of time there will be a Mafia, copy is not, sharp 3818 print Mafia do, actually summed up a bit this could be caused by carbon wire electrode. Much maintenance, print Mafia, have time to have the time not to explain the overall performance is no problem, the machine page copy without such a failure is not scanning component failures. According to the analysis of the performance only between charging and toner cartridge unit appear this kind of failure will lead to print Mafia, but not every can have shows that this is not stable which can be concluded that the failure is not toner cartridge unit fault, which is only one possible wire electrode of order, in order to solve the fault I made comprehensive care and the wire electrode made a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance the machine interior, troubleshooting.
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