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Selenium drum toner is harmful to human body? Drums toner and the harm of drums

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
Selenium drum toner is harmful to human body? Drums the dangers of carbon powder

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abstract: now, laser printers, electrostatic copier is indispensable in the office, and the machine was printing class will release all kinds of fine particles of carbon powder, indoor air pollution. Now this kind of equipment in the family, companies, units can be seen everywhere, it is these machines release a large number of small particles, heavy metals and harmful gas, make all kinds of office syndrome quietly popular in the world, the typical symptom is respiratory infections, headaches and blood like change. Below small make up together and look at it.

the dangers of selenium drum carbon powder

1, carbon powder ingredients harmful

in general, the drums used on market in carbon powder ingredients except for containing carbon black, iron oxide and polyester, still contain many metallic dust, such as: nickel, cobalt, mercury, these metal dust is harmful to human body, different content of different products.

2, carbon powder contain carcinogens

carbon powder also contains known carcinogens, such as benzene, formaldehyde and styrene. Color print toner is ruling, such as bis oxide ( Tributyltin) The parts per million grams can endanger human hormone secretion, serious to cause a decline in men's sperm count, female infertility.

3, toner particles is harmful to human body

toner particles is very small, easily suspended in the air, enter human body through respiratory tract, and carbon powder cannot be melted in the human body, extremely difficult excretion. After leakage of toner particles is inhaled, it is difficult to through the metabolism in vitro, harmful substances can deep into the lungs, even destroy the lung tissue, does more harm than second-hand smoke. So long-term inhalation or one-time inhaled a lot of, very prone to respiratory disease, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, etc, is more serious is that may cause serious diseases such as silicosis or no treatment of cancer.

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4, filled powdered carbon potential harm to human body health

drum unit in the absence of strict environmental protection filling powder, small particles of molecules ( To the naked eye can see) Will be flying in the air, the human body contact many times after inhalation, the chances of cancer will be about 10% higher than normal, and the surface modification agent polyethylene/polypropylene wax after being sucked into the body, its small molecular particles will be absorbed into the blood circulation system, has finally been vegetation in the kidney, very not easy to be out ( Because the carbon powder insoluble and water) So as to cause kidney stones and other disease risk is three times higher than normal.

5, printing machinery will be bad for the environment

when they work produced by high voltage electrostatic field of benzopyrene, dimethyl nitrosamine organic waste gases, such as the organic gases are pathogenic, teratogenic and carcinogenic substances. British allergy foundation of researchers published a research report also says, office equipment, also release ozone gas, although the ozone can reduce the harm of solar radiation, but instead of high concentrations of ozone is a scourge.

drum unit carbon powder hazard protective measures

1, try to use formal company's or brand of environmental protection.

2, cannot be determined when filling the carbon powder is non-toxic, please put the printer away from the body, and placed and ventilated place, such as the use of the copy machine.

3, try not to fill carbon powder in the workplace, such as need should be under the strict environmental protection of the factory to do filling process, and populate the qualified, standard carbon powder.

4, if not filled in environmental cases, as far as possible in the wild wind place to fill, and will be discarded waste material powder and stained with carbon powder burning.

5, in the workplace, raising some of green plant, because the plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, adsorption dust, sterilization and so on the many kinds of efficacy, can improve indoor air quality, good physical and mental health.
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